Shortly after we moved to Israel in the summer of 2007, I began writing a series of articles about my experiences as an oleh, an American ex-pat living in his ancestral homeland. At first, I sent the articles as e-mails to a growing lists of readers. Shortly thereafter, I created http://www.alittlebiteast.blogspot.co.il, a genuine, official, real live blog – the title reflecting the fact that Ma’ale Adumim is a fifteen minute drive due east of Jerusalem on “kvish echad,” Route One, on which you can still see sheep, goats, camels, and Beduin encampments.

Over the course of five years, I posted 144 articles, each one between 1000 and 4000 words. Then I stopped. Too many other obligations, not enough time. Maybe I just needed a break. I’ve decided the time is right to renew my efforts. Because I’m a glutton for punishment, I’m changing the venue to WordPress, which I believe will allow me to create a more polished product – once I’ve figured out how to use it! If I do it right, I will be able to incorporate some of my photographs into the articles, a picture oftentimes being worth a 1000 words.

To make it work, I will need readers to subscribe via WordPress, whereupon they will receive the articles automatically whenever they are published – which will, I hope be soon!

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