Maybe It Wasn’t Meant to Be

Unlike some of my previous articles that begin with yours truly sitting in Power Coffeeworks, in this one, four and then five of us were having a well-deserved dinner at Cafit, one of the restaurants down by the so-called ‘lake’ in Ma’ale Adumim. We were all recovering from a stressed-out day, the kind you want to avoid, if at all possible. I had spent part of my day in a losing battle with the rav kav (transit card) app on my phone. Instead of getting to my dental appointment and running a few errands in Jerusalem, I found myself stranded at the light rail stop with no money on my card and no way to add any with no choice but to sneak back on the bus back to Ma’ale Adumim without paying. The inspector, who was riding the bus both ways could have given me a whopping fine for my impudence, but he took pity on my greying locks and let me alone.

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