About Me

Fred Casden and Cookie in The Sukkah (photo by Natania Casden)

It’s a long way from where I grew up, The Bronx, N.Y., at a time when there were more Jewish people in that borough than in the entire State of Israel. I went to school at P.S. 80, J.H.S. 80, The Bronx H.S. of Science, DeWitt Clinton H.S. , and finally “City College,” where I majored in English literature and minored in ancient languages (very useful!). After teaching English to eighth graders for several years, I began working for NYC’s Department of Social Services as an entry level caseworker. When I left the agency almost thirty years later, I was the second-in-command of an office of 150 employees in the Child Welfare Administration. After a brief stint as a synagogue administrator, I spent about ten years doing data-base work for a Jewish non-profit organization, before re-retiring and moving to Israel with wife and family.

Sometime about 1970, I developed an interest in photography. I had the amazing good fortune to meet the American master photographer Lou Bernstein, who became my teacher and my friend. If you were to ask me what I have accomplished in my life, I would of necessity point to my forty plus years of work in that medium. Now that I have a little more time on my hands, I have been able to resume writing, which is what I started out to do five decades ago.

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