Ketura, Ketura — Part 4

What’s a few thousand years…..

God’s sculpture garden, that’s what it’s been called, which is an imaginative and somewhat fanciful way of describing the results of wind and water erosion. There are rock formations similar to what is found at Timna in the American west (think of the landscapes in the westerns you watched in your youth), but no one thought to associate anything in Arizona with King Solomon. Of course, the second king of Israel had nothing to do with the copper mines found all the way in the south of Israel. Maybe the pharaohs; maybe even before the pharaohs. The best guess by the archaeologists digging and rummaging around the area is that there was mining going on starting some 6,000 years ago, which, when you think about it, is peanuts in geological time. How many eons before that was this entire area, what is now the Negev, at the bottom of an ocean? So what’s a few thousand years between friends?

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Ketura, Ketura — Part 3

You don’t always get what you want…

We all knew that some of the group would be spending Tues. at Petra; what I didn’t imagine was that it would be most of our contingent. The rest of us were scheduled to participate in the four activities that I wrote about in the first post: a bike ride, a watercolor workshop, a tour of the off-grid village, and something called ‘Desert Montage,’ an opportunity to dip a figurative toe in making collages – which, as you may remember, was what I chose. Except…

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