Herbs on a Rooftop

If it were you growing herbs on a rooftop of a building, would you consider your enterprise as agricultural or industrial? And then, why would it matter? (Third question: When are we returning to our cruise on the Costa Diadema? We will be back on board the ship, on its way to Sardinia, very soon. Do not worry!)

One of the places that Shelley Brinn, the proprietor of Tour Adumim, likes to take people to is a rooftop garden in Mishor Adumim, the industrial area close by to where we live. She was organizing a small group of residents and tourists to visit this place one recent afternoon, and why not? Continue reading

A Day with Martha and Jim

My question to myself is should I start by going all the way back to the beginning of this story. Or should I simply “cut to the chase?” Maybe I’ll just do a quick intro, to get my faithful readers up to speed.

‘Way back when Barbara was in high school, she and several friends would stand – regardless of the weather – on a certain street corner after school and discuss weighty matters of the world before they had to go their separate ways home in time for dinner.

That’s over fifty years ago, and the women have certainly gone their separate ways: Alice is still in Rochester, NY; Martha is in Columbus, Ohio; and we are, as you are aware, a little bit east of Yerushalayim. Barbara has kept in touch with both of them – if not frequently, at least enough to keep the friendships alive.

Several months ago, Barbara laid it on the line to Martha, something to the effect of “When are you guys (she and her husband Jim) going to come visit us?” My wife astutely points out that none of us are getting any younger, and, as she has patiently but pointedly reminded me on more than one occasion, we should do our traveling before our traveling days are over. I guess that Martha got the message, because shortly thereafter we were advised that they were indeed coming our way, and make them a reservation for the guest room upstairs. Will do! Continue reading