Deja View All Over Again (Part 1)

This was supposed to be one article, but it’s much too long (over 6,000 words). No one will have the patience to read the whole thing at one shot. I’d better divide it into sections, this one being part one.

 Won’t we be going to the same places on both trips? Won’t we be visiting many of the same sites on the Golan– some of which we’ve already been to? The fortress at Gamla, the reconstructed synagogue at Ein Keshatot, the top of Mount Bental, the DeKarina chocolate factory, the Golan Heights Winery? Isn’t that overkill? Continue reading

Not Just Another Week

Usually, when I’m writing about a series of events, I try to describe them in the order in which they occurred. Easier for me; easier for the readers. Let me break that ‘rule’ somewhat and let you know that the last scene I will be describing was the guys gallumping around our shul on the morning of Yom Haatzmaut, (Independence Day) doing the usual yeshiva-bochur trot. If someone was photographing this event (and somebody did), an attentive viewer would notice that there were a few of the daveners not joining in. One of them was me, for a number of reasons I’ll get to later. For now, let’s just say that I don’t go around holding hands with other guys. Continue reading